About When Praises Go Up!

When praises go up blessings come down. We all have something to be thankful for. Each week I will feature a bible verse on giving praises and glory to God, in hopes that it will inspire you to do the same. When we glorify God, he blesses and glorifies us; for He abides with the praises of His people.
Let The Praise Begin!!!

I’ve started my new blog, and would like for everyone to follow. Also follow me @introbyNikita on Twitter.
May God bless you as you continue to bless His name.


One thought on “About When Praises Go Up!

  1. We were created to praise the Lord. Everything we do and say should bring glory to our heavenly Father. When we glorify God, He endows us with His love, grace, power and presence. Praising God benefits us in many ways. It is a weapon of spiritual warfare against the powers of darkness. It invites God’s spirit upon the earth, and releases His anointing on His people. And when He is lifted up, God said he would draw all men unto Himself. Each week we will present a scripture on praise to inspire you to worship the Lord for who is, and praise for for all that he has done. May you be richly blessed as you praise God from the rising of the sun until the going down of the same. Let The Praise Begin!!!


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