Praying in the Spirit Using the Word of God for the Week #28

Entry# 028 Praying to Understand what God Cannot Do

We often say that God can to anything. We are quick to proclaim that all things are possible with God. But there are some things God cannot do. He cannot lie, fail, or not show love. God is not a man that He should lie, indicating that all men, women and children are liars. We may not tell a falsehood, but we may neglect the make the truth known. We may exaggerate details, or withhold information. But God cannot lie. Whatever He said has come and will come to past. If He said it, He will perform it. He swore by Himself to bless His people, because there was no greater to swear by. His word is bond, so He didn’t have to swear. But for our benefit, and to give us hope, He swore by Himself. God cannot fail. Every good and perfect gift comes from Him. And every evil and foul occurrence comes from the Devil. But because He cannot fail, God will take the bad things Satan brings, and cause them to work out for our good. When Satan brings sickness and disease, God will cause people to work together to find cures. When a person suffers abuse and neglect, God can cause them to be on a mission to help people in similar situations. God cannot fail to show love. God is love; and everything He says and does come from a place of love. God so loved us that he gave Himself as a sacrifice for our sins. He commends his love toward us while we were yet sinners. God only corrects, chasten and discipline us because He love us and want the best for us. He knows the good plan He has for us to bring us to an expected, glorious end. And while all things are possible to those who believe, we must be aware that God cannot do certain things. He has chosen to allow man to operate in free will, and will not force us to do anything. However, He already knows who will love and serve Him, and He will help us toward that end. He chose to give man domination over the earth, so we have to invite Him to intervene on our behalf in the earth realm. This is what prayer is. It’s inviting God to work in, through, and for us so that His perfect will can be done here on earth. And finally, God choses to allow Satan to bring havoc on the earth, before He ultimately destroys in the Lake of Fire. God limits his effectiveness and does not allow us to be tempted above what we are able to withstand. He will always provide a way of escape, and bring us out stronger and better on the other side. God is constant; He is the same yesterday, today and forevermore. And praying to understand what God cannot do is learning more and more about His character.