Praying in the Spirit Using the Word of God

Entry 12 Praying for Safety

God promises to watch over and protect us daily. Goodness and Mercy shall follow us all the days of our lives as we dwell in His house and in His presence. God has provisions made for us everyday, but He wants us to pray for it. He wants us to cover our lives, homes, children, cars, family, jobs, churches, possessions, and our future with the precious blood of Jesus. The Lord has an endless supply of grace, mercy and protection; all we have to do is access it. He wants to hide us under the shadow of His wing because He loves us as the apple of His eye. We are not bothering God nor wasting our prayers by asking for safety in our daily lives. As God’s children, we are entitled to His love and attention. In the news we often hear of tragedy and hardship, and we blame God for it. But good things are happening everyday that we are neither aware of nor thankful for. When we pray for safety, we invite God’s divine protection to the earth realm. For when we trust Him, nothing will happen to us each day that the Lord will not see us through.


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