Praying in the Spirit Using the Word of God Week #15

Entry #015  Praying to be Planted in lieu of being Buried

Burial is a ritual that involves placing the dead in the ground, and covering them with the dust of the earth. It is an indication that the loved one whom has passed will never be seen in that bodily form on earth again. The process of planting is very similar to being buried. To plant a seed, we must also hollow out the earth, and cover the seed with the dirt. The main difference between being buried and being planted is the expectation. We expect a planted seed to take root, grow, mature, become something bigger, and be fruitful and to multiply after a period of time. Jesus was crucified and buried in a borrowed tomb, because He intended to rise again in three days. Thus, He turned the expectation of burial on its head. His burial was necessary to do battle with the powers of darkness, and to stripe Satan of all the power and authority he stole from mankind. Jesus’s resurrection is indicative of the completed work of the sacrifice He made and the freedom He regained for us. Therefore we no longer have to be buried by the bondage of sin and shame. When we become believers, we are resurrected with the life and power of Jesus Christ. We are crucified with Christ; nevertheless we live because He lives inside of us. In order to continue to learn and grow we should be planted at a true local church and in the word of God. To become a mature believer, we must develop a prayer life, and take time regularity to study God’s Word.  Living in a fast paced society, it is easy to be buried by responsibilities, ambitions, concerns and issues. But if we are rooted and grounded in our purpose, destiny and in the promises of God, we will blossom like the tree planted by the rivers of water bringing forth much seasonal fruit. Being planted is not always a pleasant experience; sometimes it feels like being buried. But if we trust God’s plan and stay in faith, we will reap the harvest of fruitfulness. We don’t want to be planted in an unfruitful environment, however. When the surroundings are unnecessarily difficult or hostile, we may not need to dig our heels in to stay there. Sometimes God has to dig us up and replant us somewhere else. We need to ask God to lead us to a place where we can be most productive. Other times He may give us the grace to stay planted in a barren place for a season to demonstrate His power and glory.Either way, we cannot go wrong when we following the leading of the Holy Spirit. Jesus rose from the dead so that we don’t have to be buried. He wants to plant us in fertile soil so that we can grow and become more and more like Him.


As a Man Thinks in his Heart so is He

The bible instructs us to meditate on the word of God daily.Introspection is an important form of mediation. It allows us the opportunity to examine and observe our own mental and emotional states and processes. We all should take out time regularly to look inside of ourselves. When man sinned in the beginning in the garden of Eden, the first question God asked him is,”where are you?” We need to regularly assess where we are mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, professionally, academically, relationally, socially, and financially.Life can easily become mundane and purposeless if we don’t make introspection an important part of our existence. God wants us to know, understand, and love ourselves, so that we can get to know and love Him. We are made in God’s image, and fashioned after His likeness. We are, like our Creator, multifaceted, and complex being. And the more we explore ourselves the better we can relate to others. We can learn to appreciate each others differences while celebrating how much we all are the same. This blog was designed to help us take this journey of self exploration together while mediating on God’s Word. God reveals Himself to us through His word when we take the time to be in His presence. Our thought life controls and directs every other area of our lives. If we have “stinking thinking” about ourselves our lives and our future, we give Satan the opportunity to dominate and destroy us. When we think on those things which are good, we open the door for God to do great and mighty things in and through us. Each week this blog is designed to help us develop a positive thought life, and to increase our knowledge of the revelation of God’s word, and to consequently build our faith in God. The first step to right and better behavior is having the proper belief system. When we believe the truth of God’s word, the fruit of right living is bound to follow. Everything that exist began as thought, idea, or meditation. Prayerfully this blog will help the reader be intentional about introspection so that we can imagine,think, and become all God has created us to be.

About When Praises Go Up

We worship God for who is He is. We praise Him for what He has done. God is good all the time, and all the time God is good. God is good even on a bad day, and is always worthy of all praises. Each week we will offer up a verse of praise that gives glory to the King of Kings.Please enjoy God’s word of praise, as we attempt to glorify God as He glorify us. When Praises Go Up, Blessing Come Down. Be Blessed!!!

About Praying in the Spirit Using the Word of God

Each week we will explore the many facets of prayer,the Spirit of God, and His word. God wants us to pray without ceasing, although He knows what we have need of before we ask. God has an endless supply of answers, provisions, and resources; all we have to do is connected to the Source. Developing a prayer life is crucial to developing a relationship with God. Let us explore praying in the spirit using the word of God together, as we endeavor to draw closer to Him. Be Blessed!!!

About Blogger

As a student of the Word of God for over 30 years, I wanted to share my thoughts, personal devotionals, and introspections with others. I have served in mass communications and education for over 20 years. And I understand the importance of getting information out to the masses.God gives us gifts to share with his people, and he is pleased when we bless them. My goal is to magnify God, edify His people, and sanctify myself so that God can be glorified through me. As we embark on this introspective journey together, may you be richly blessed on a weekly basis from this blog.

About Tri-state Local Gospel Artist Spotlight

The gospel artist community is often overlooked and undervalued. There are many gospel artists in my local tri-state area that are positively affecting the Kingdom of Heaven, by being a source of inspiration here on earth. Each week we will investigate and highlight a tri-state local gospel artist. The bible tells us to remember those that labor among us, for a workman is worthy of his hire. So please enjoy our weekly spotlights, and share them with a friend. Be Blessed!!!

About Praying in the spirit using the word of God

Everything we do we must do it in the spirit. For we are spiritual being living out a natural, physical experience. God is a spirit, and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth. We get the best results from our prayers when we pray in the spirit using the word of God. His word is a lamp unto our feet, and a light unto our path. God has elevated His word above His name, and whatever He said, He will do. These weekly entries are designed explore the prayer of the believer as a tool for developing a closer relationship with God. May you be richly blessed, encouraged and inspired as we pray in the spirit using the word of God.