Tri-State Local Gospel Artist Spotlight for Week #31

Entry # 0031 Natalie Wilson

Born in Newark, NJ to parents who were gospel musically inclined, Natalie Wilson is a choral conductor, composer, producer, and gospel singer. The youngest of four children growing up in the church and around gospel music, she joined the Sounds of Praise choir at age six. At her father’s request Wilson became director of Sounds of Praise, (SOP) Chorale after the death of her brother Glenn Simmons. Wilson was one of the first women to lead a gospel choir that signed to a major recording label.

The career of Natalie Wilson’s husband Joseph Wilson advanced with hers as he served as co-producer for their recordings. The SOP Chorale had a roster of 26-40 members which included Lauryn Hill and Faith Evans at various times. Natalie Wilson has composed much of the music they sing, and has written for many contemporary gospel groups like Trin-i-tee 5:7.  She appeared in the film “Kingdom Come”, and has won many accolades and awards.


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