Praying in the Spirit Using the Word of God for Week #24

Entry# 024 Praying to Live Without Regret

We often experience the most growth in painful situations and when we are faced with our own mortality. It is then when we experience a range of emotions from denial to anger to fear to acceptance. In the painful situations we often regret the choices we made, our inability to use time and resources wisely, and our indecision to learn from our mistakes. The most common regrets that people have when faced with death include: wishing they had the courage to live a life true to themselves and not the life others expected, wishing they didn’t work so hard, wishing they had the courage to express their feelings, wishing they stayed in contact with friends, and wishing that they allowed themselves to be happier. But God wants us to live a life of no regrets. He wants us to have the attitude of knowing and accepting that He has all things in His control, and that He has a good plan for our lives. So instead of looking at our painful situations with regret, we can view them as learning experiences and stepping stones toward our destiny. We all say things, do things and behave in ways we are not particularly proud of. Even though we may feel a level of guilt or shame for those actions, we are not supposed to stay there. We are to be sorry for what we have done and the effects it had on others, not just sorry we got caught. All we have to do is repent to God and others if need be, and forgive ourselves so that we can move on. Repentance involves changing our mindsets. It is admitting that we were wrong and running to our Heavenly Father for restoration, instead of shrinking back or hiding from Him. It involves being honest with ourselves about what happened and what is currently going on, and the effect our actions had on other people, and possibly being honest with other trusted people. The best ways to live without regrets are to have a clear mind and a pure heart. We don’t need to harbor animosity, allow a root of bitter to grow, or hold grudges towards those who wronged us. We can cast all our cares on Jesus, let go of our right to be offended, and leave all our burdens at His feet. God will then free us, forgive us, and restore us. When faced with our mortality, instead of rehearsing a life of regrets, we can rejoice in the fact that to live is Christ and to die is gain. When we are at the end of our road, we can look back with a grateful heart knowing that we were not perfect, but we are justified by grace through faith in God. Praying to live without regret is choosing to live life consciously, wisely, honestly, with God’s grace and the joy of the Lord.


Simple Sample Prayer

Dear God help us to be honest with ourselves so that we can be honest with you and with others. Help us to take control of our lives and write our own narrative that lines up with your word, will and plan for us. Give us a clean heart and a pure mind that is not littered with unforgiveness and regret. Help us to get over our past losses, pains, offenses, failures, and rejections. You desire for us to have a life of joy and peace, not one filled with regret. Help us to seize every moment, and live every day to the fullest. In Jesus’s name we pray, Amen.


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