Praying in the Spirit using the Word of God for Week#19

Entry# 019 Praying to be delivered from People

Sometimes we are held captive by people’s opinion, expectation, and influence on us. Jesus came to make us free from the bondage of sin, death, shame, and condemnation. We cannot change how people decide to think and feel about us. ¼ of people will never like us, ¼ will like us but can be convinced not to, ¼ will not like us but can be convinced to like us, and ¼ of people will like us no matter what. What really matters is that God loves us unconditionally. He will never love us more than He does right now in this moment, and we don’t have to do anything to earn His love. And because He loves us, He will raise up people to be there for us. Taking what people think about us with a grain of salt, we can’t get trapped by people’s popular opinion. We can pray to be delivered from the good and the bad opinions of others. When we get caught up with the good opinion of others, we give them control over our emotional and thought life. We can become self-righteousness; develop false humility which leads to pride and a fall. When we get too involved with the bad opinion of others it can lead to a poor self image, which results in a lost of personal vision, and a lost of life’s purpose which also lead to a fall. If we strive to be rooted and grounded in God’s word and His love, we will not allow people’s opinion to define us or give us identity. We can’t live for other people’s expectations of who we should be .Seeing ourselves the way God sees us is most important to living a victorious life. God sees us as deeply loved by Him, highly favored and greatly blessed. He sees us as the head and not the tail, more than conquerors, and as His blood-washed, redeemed beloved. We must connect to our source, and find out the purpose that God has for our lives. The only influence people should be allowed to have on us is a positive one, pushing us closer to our destiny. Anyone that gets us off track and off center we need to be delivered from. We can choose to reject any person, place, thing, idea or quality that does not line us with God’s vision and His plan for our lives. People that hurt us do not reserve the right to continually hold us captive by their abuse and mistreatment; even if it is unintentional or unbeknownst to the perpetrator. We can chose to confront them, forgive them and be delivered from them. Praying to be delivered from people is praying to be delivered into God’s open arms and loving hands, and from the judgement of people.

Simple Sample Prayer:

Dear God, everyone has an opinion. People are quick to tell us what we should be doing, and making judgements about our motives and agendas. They often prejudge us based on our appearances, and make assumptions about us based on what others have told them. But You Lord are just and kind. You know and understand all things. Help us to care more about your opinion of us than that of other people. Deliver us from the good and bad opinion of people, so that we can be mature enough to fulfill the destiny you have for us. Help us to stand firm in the true identity you died to give us. We ask these things in Jesus’s name, amen.


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