Tri-State Local Gospel Artist Spotlight for Week #15

Entry #0015  Lorraine Boisseau

Lorraine Boisseau showcased her talents through singing and acting from an early age. In her youth she sang, directed choirs, lead songs, and act in church plays following her mother’s footsteps, Patricia Henry. She attended the High School for the Creative and Performing Arts majoring in vocal music, performing Opera, Classical and Jazz. Boisseau formed the first Gospel Choir there. During her school age years she lead songs on many choirs and performed major roles in various plays.

Over the years, Boisseau has performed on television shows, for city officials, at the Gallery in Philadelphia, at the Capitol in Washington, and the Academy of Music. She has written over 50 songs, and has appeared as guest soloist on many local gospel recordings. Her voice was heard as one of the lead vocalists for Gospel Highway 11 theme songs. She sang background, opened for, been featured with, and performed on stage with many gospel greats throughout the city and nationwide.



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