Tri-State Local Gospel Artist Spotlight for Week #7

Entry #007  The Ferebee Sisters

In honor of Black History Month, we recognize all African American Gospel Artists who are living legends, and are the musical warriors used by God to destroy the powers of darkness.

The city of brotherly love has produced sisterly affection in the form of the harmonizing quartet, the Ferebee Sisters. Consisting of four sister, Twannetta, Tameka, Toshia and Treena, the North Philadelphia natives thrive on singing about God’s grace and glory. They take their cues from gospel greats from Rizen to the legendary Clark Sisters. The Ferebee sisters blend contemporary styles with old-school savvy.

Although it took over 15 years for them to release their debut recording, “Here Am I”, they are no stranger to gospel music performances. The sister graced the stage with gospel veterans like Hezekiah Walker, Beverly Crawford, Karen Clark Sheard and Maurette Brown Clark. While growing up, all the sisters played instruments. They were inspired by their musical and artistic parents who were both in church leadership.

And they continue to minister individually and as a group in various venues throughout the local area.


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