Praying in the Spirit Using the Word of God for Week #49

Entry#49 Praying to be a Lifelong Learner

The day we stop learning, we stop living. When we finally figure out what life is really all about, we may be ready to die. We can learn from everything and everyone daily; from the educated scholar to the immature child. We can take our cues from nature. God doesn’t waste anything. All things are reused, recycled and upcycled. God intended for everything thing we experienced, good and bad to be used as a teachable moment. In our fallen, decaying world, we have a small window of time to not waste, but to use each day as a learning experience.  But we cannot live in this world without some degree of waste. Even our attempts to have a small ecological footprint can be totally destroyed be people and things around us. We can try to eat whole, healthy foods, but other living things like pest, mold and bacteria can eat and destroy it before we can get to it. That is why God advises us to not only work to store up our tangible treasures on this earth where rot and pest will corrupt it, or where thieves can break in and steal it. God wants our hearts and minds on heavenly and spiritual things that cannot be destroyed. People may take our things from us, but no one can steal what we have learned and experienced. Everything that we have ever seen, heard, smelled touched and tasted in stored somewhere in our memories. It is our responsibility to focus on the ones will promote positive changes in our lives, and recall the good things God has already done for us. We have the right to feel hurt, angry and upset by how people treat us and the bad things that has happened to us. But wallowing in those experiences is simple a waste of time. The better usage of our God given gift of time is to give God our hurts and pains, and to ask Him what it is that He wants us to learn from what has occurred. God often allows us to go through hardship so that we are qualified to help people, and are empathic to others facing similar challenges. Every day is a gift from God. He doesn’t want us to waste our time, money, energy and essence on anything or anyone who does not build us up so that we can build God’s kingdom. When we learn to look at every situation as teachable moment, and when we learn how to see God’s hand is orchestrating all things, we will become a lifelong learner, open for new ways to evolve and become all that God created us to be.


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