Tri-State Local Gospel Artist Spotlight for Week #43

Entry #043 Nikki Rochelle

Nikki Rochelle’s first memories of music appreciation were that of Negro spirituals and hymns. Born into a rich heritage of sound from her mother and grandmother, Rochelle began singing at an early age with her 2 elder sisters. Their musical repertoire ranged from spirituals to current choir songs, from revamped hymns to contemporary gospel. After graduating from the Culinary Arts School, Rochelle began to write, play guitar, sing and travel abroad. She traveled with the Harlem Gospel Choir throughout the United States, to 3 continents and over 15 countries. She has shared the stage with, supported the sound for, and has opened for many gospel greats from Donnie McClurkin to VaShawn Mitchell. Her experience afforded her the opportunity to merge gifts with artists like Dutch violist and classical orchestra conductor Andre Rieu, and South African’s Soweto Gospel Choir. Nikki Rochelle’s name mean “Victory to the People rest in the Rock and Fortress”; and she lives to make a statement that Christ is the only way up in this earthly experience, and victory is ours through Him.


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