When Praises Go Up Praises verses for the Weeks #32-36

Praise Verse #32 I Chronicles 29:13

Now therefore, our God, we thank you, and praise your glorious name.

Praise Verse #33 Jeremiah 17: 14

Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved; for you are my praise.

Praise Verse #34  Daniel 2:23

I thank you, and praise you, O you God of my fathers, who have given me wisdom and might, and have made known to me now what we desired of you: for you have now made known to us the king’s matter.

Praise Verse #35 Ephesians 1:3

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ:

Praise Verse #36 Revelation 5:12

Saying with a loud voice, worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power,and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honor, and glory, and blessing.


Tri-State Local Gospel Artist Spotlight for Week #36

Entry #036 Tramaine Dunlap

Born and raised in Philadelphia PA, Tramaine D. Dunlap began his music studies at age nine. He was introduced to various instruments like the bell, violin, clarinet and trumpet throughout elementary and middle school. Dunlap began to play the bass guitar. In high school he was playing the drums in the jazz band and orchestra, and the lead snare in the marching band. Under the direction of Bill Whitaker, Dunlap’s horizons were broaden as he traveled the country and competed in musical competitions. He shared the stage with former president Bill Clinton, conducted various workshops, and played for many local gospel groups from the Temple University Gospel Choir to Jehovah’s Chosen. He has written and recorded songs for many artist including Edwin and Walter Hawkins, he has musically produced stage plays, and collaborated with Ernest Miller to produce a jingle for Gospel Highway 11 1110am. Dunlap has served as Musical Director for the Baptist Worship Center in Philadelphia, and is owner of his production company Maineline Productions “where they do music from the heart”.

Tri-State Local Gospel Artist Spotlight for Week # 35

Entry# 035 Ernest Miller

Ernest Miller born and raised in Philadelphia, PA began in music ministry at age 9. He started singing in a local choir the Philadelphia Youth Mass Choir founded by the late Edwin Newberry. He would watch and learn from the many guest directors and writers that were invited to teach them from around the world. Miller began to write and arrange gospel music; his first arrangement was Andre Crouch’s “I don’t know why Jesus Loves Me”, which was taught by the Phila. Youth Mass Choir and later recorded by the Camden Inspirational Choir. He has served as guest director, writer, and facilitator for various church and community choirs, conferences and workshops. Miller has co-written many jingles for WNAP Gospel Highway 11, and has worked with or opened for many gospel great from Darryl Coley to Kirk Franklin. Miller has co-produced written and vocal arrangements for local artists Amy Dean and Kim Graham’s musical recording projects, and is CEO and founder of ErnMill Productions, The Praise Factory Inc.

Tri-State Local Gospel Artist Spotlight for Week #34

Entry #034  Kim Graham

Whether she is serving as a singer, counselor, minister, teacher, missionary, writer, actor or evangelist, Kim Graham’s ministry is the same; to usher people into developing a true relationship with God. Graham has been in ministry in various capacities for over a decade. She is an ordained elder, holding a MA in Clinical Psychology, with a concentration in Psychodrama which allows drama to be utilized for therapeutic wholeness. Graham studied the arts at the Wilmington Black Theater Ensemble, Christina Cultural Arts Center, and Freedom Theater. She has directed many stage performances, as well as several illustrated sermons. Graham has served as director and assistant producer for a social documentary, as conference planner and co-coordinator for the Annual Praise Power Celebration, and as a founding member of Griots Wa Umoja, an afrocentric performance ensemble. Her musical project combines the spoken word of God, with uplifting songs of praise.

Tri-State Local Gospel Artist Spotlight for Week #33

Entry #033

Anthony Booker and the Ministry of Praise Power, (MOPP) returned to the gospel forefront with a new sound and a new style. After a short hiatus from touring and live performances, this Trenton based gospel choir was prepared for the next level of ministry. The time away was appropriately invested into working diligently and consistently on adding new members, musicians, and a new musical director, resulting in one of the best collaborations in the group’s history. Anthony Booker and the Ministry of Praise Power won critical acclaim with many of their songs still being performed by many choirs and groups across the country.

Tri-State Local Gospel Artist Showcase for the Week #32

Entry #032

Rev. Martin C. Palmer is not only a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, but also a gifted musician, composer, and vocalist. His talents have taken him across the United States and abroad, touring in Germany and Switzerland. As senior pastor in Wilmington, Delaware, he preached and taught bible study, conducted and facilitated ministry workshops, revivals and conferences, and among other things, he developed the music and drama ministry. Rev. Palmer served as musical producer and CEO for Jireh Productions, (a platform for independent artist), he founded the group Malachi: Exclamation of Praise, and led them to win the KFC Gospel Competition in 1986. He also founded the Southern Chester County Gospel Music Workshop Choir, and served as a musician for the Freedom Theatre Repertoire Black Nativity. Rev. Palmer has shared the stage with many gospel greats from Shirley Caesar to Fred Hammond. He has toured Europe with Johnny Thompson as musical director, and has a host of other accomplishments and accolades.

Praying in the Spirit Using the Word of God for Week # 30

Entry# 030 Praying to Overcome

As believers, we are more that conquerors though Christ who loved us and gave Himself for us. We are more than conquerors because we already have the victory. Because of Jesus’s perfect finished work, we pray from a position of success. We don’t have to try to get God to do anything for us; what we need is already accomplished. Nothing we can do can get God to love us or move on our behalf any more that what He already does. We have the gifts of grace, salvation and righteousness that we could never earn. Therefore, praying to overcome is asking God to teach us how to get into position to win, to help us get into agreement with His will for our victory, and to instruct us on how to freely receive what He has already done for us by standing on His word and resting in His promises. But it is very difficult, if not impossible to be an overcomer in this world in our own strength. Mean people, hard lives, challenging circumstances, bad situations, and uncomfortable conditions can all overwhelm us. We can feel drowned by our tears and fears. This is especially difficult when God overrules us. When what we prayed for God says “no” or “wait” to, it is easy to feel like a victim not a victor. This is particularly hard when we ask God for something good or even for an immediate result of His promises to us. When God overrules us, we have to trust in His bigger and better plan. We have to believe that He will cause it all, the good and the bad, to work together for our good. When we keep the faith and don’t fall into despair, we can be overjoyed even when we didn’t get what we wanted. God will give us a peace that passes all understanding, and a joy unspeakable full of glory. We know that we will overcome, and come out better and not bitter. We will come forth as pure gold that was tried in the fire of tribulation.  God will cause us to be overjoyed with contentment that the world didn’t give us, nor can the world take it away. So being an overcomer is moving from being overwhelmed, while being overruled, to becoming overjoyed with thanksgiving, whether or not we get what we want, when, where, or how we wanted it.

Praying in the Spirit Using the Word of God for week #29

Entry# 029 Praying to a God who Never Leaves nor Forsakes Us

Jesus promises to be with us always, even until the end of the world. God will never see the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging for bread. God said when our parents or loved ones forsake us, then He would lift us up. Not only will God not physically depart from us regardless of the situation, He also promises to be emotionally present with us at all times. We do not have a Great High Priest who is not touch by our mental anguish and emotional wounds. Not only does He care and understand them, God will, when we give it to Him, heal them. Just as many religious people are quick to condemn outward visible sin, while neglecting to address inward and hidden iniquities, they also only focus on physical healing instead of mental and emotional deliverance. Yes, Jesus was not only wounded for our transgressions and sins, but He was also bruised for our iniquities. God not only wants to heal us from disease, but from our spiritual sickness was well. Even the best of friends may physically leave us, no matter how well intended. And the most highly regarded loved ones may emotionally forsake us, even if they didn’t mean to. But our ever-present, all-knowing Heavenly Father promises to be with us through thick and thin. Our tears touch His heart, but our faith and obedience moves His hand. When we trust God enough to give Him our emotional pains and hurts, He will heal them. When we  move in obedience to not seek revenge on those who hurt us, and offer prayer for our enemies, then God will, in time, remove the pain from our lives as if it was never there. God created a God-sized whole in all of us that only He can fill. We can try to fill it with the things of this world, but they are only temporal. We can seek the advice and counsel from trusted, trained advisors, but only God has the true solution to all of our issues. He made us to be co-dependent on each other, but to be totally depended upon Him. Man’s best efforts to be there for us are limited; because by nature man is limited. But God is the source of all love, joy and peace, and He is limitless. Therefore He is the only one who has the capacity to never leave nor forsake us because by nature He is always there. He is not only present but He cares. He not only cares but He can solve all of our problems. Not only can He solve all of our problems, but He will give us a blessed and happy life when we come to Him for help.