Praying in the Spirit Using the Word of God Week #20

Entry #20 On the National Day of Prayer, Standing Up to be the One

As believers, we are often the ones who have to take the high road. We have to generally be the mature one to keep the peace or apologize first even when we do think we did nothing wrong. We often have to be the first to forgive, and be the first to help and pray for people we are not particularly fond of. It is easy to blend in with the crowd and behave like the majority of people do. It is not always popular or convenient to stand up for what is right or for what we believe in. But Jesus said if we are ashamed of Him, He would be ashamed of us before our Heavenly Father. No one enjoys being ostracized or rejected. We all want to feel like we belong to an important social group that follows a set of societal norms. The normal human reaction to offense is to be offensive to the offender. But as His children, God calls us to a higher place. He challenges the notions of our human sin nature, and bids us to walk in love, integrity and humility. That doesn’t mean that God wants us to be used, abused or misused by people. He wants us to have the meekness of Christ, not the weakness and wickedness of Satan. Now we may still make it  to heaven never making a decision to take a stand. But we will not have a great reward there, nor be an effective witness of God’s grace here on earth. We need to change our perspective about standing up to be the one from something we dreadfully have to do, to something we honorably get to do. It is an honor to be chosen of God to stand up and be the one to walk in His divine purpose. Jesus will give us back much more abundantly whatever we sacrificed for Him to do His will. And while it may not feel good in the process, He will give us a joy and a peace that passes all understanding if we continue to trust Him. God will remind us that we are not standing alone; He is always there with us. And God will never ask us to do anything that He doesn’t first empower us to do. We don’t have to rely on our own strength, we can lean on the Holy Spirit. So when God asks “who can I sent to stand up for Me in the earth?” we can boldly and joyfully reply in prayer, “Lord here am I. Send Me!”


5 thoughts on “Praying in the Spirit Using the Word of God Week #20

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