Praying in the Spirit Using the Word of God Week #16

Entry #016 Praying to be Effective vs. Impressive

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. When we, who are the righteousness of God, earnestly seek God in prayer, we can expect to receive our petitions. Something is effective when it produces an intended or expected result. It is valid or adequate to accomplish a purpose, and functionally prepared and available for service. In our society of “keeping up with the Jones”, people work hard to impress others. They want to appear to be successful, prosperous, happy and wealthy to people who could really care less. We sometimes want people to see us as upstanding and virtuous, to hide our personality and character flaws. We often want people to support and admire us in attempts to disguise an emptiness that only God can fill. But being impressive to others has little effect on our destiny, and has nothing to do with how God see us. There is nothing we can do to impress God. He created us, and already knew us before the foundation of the world. God’s unconditional love for us remains regardless of whether the world finds us noteworthy or not. People’s opinion of us is fickle; one day they love us, the next day they want to crucify us. Our opinion of ourselves can even change from day to day, moment to moment, and from situation to situation. So we cannot rely on the temporal futility of being impressive. It is far better to seek to be effective over the long haul. God doesn’t bless us so that we can impress other people. He wants us to enjoy our blessings, but more importantly, He wants us to be a blessing. The only opinions that count are how God sees us, and how we see ourselves. When we become believers, God see us as His beloved, and gives us the gift of His righteousness. Therefore we must see ourselves as saved, healed, blessed, delivered, redeemed, and as the righteousness of God. Satan tries to trick us into seeking to be impressive to give us a false sense of security and self-worth, only to have us be let down and disillusioned later on. We do not gain our value as believers from any impressive works. We solely rely on the grace of God for everything we need. If God can use us for His glory to positively affect His kingdom, then we are effective believers. And if we see ourselves as redeemed children of the King, we can live the effective life God intended for us.


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