Praying in the Spirit Using the Word of God Week #8

Entry 08 Resolving to Declare God’s Word

The Container Store put out 15 things we can resolve to make time for in this New Year. 1. Road trip, take the scenic route. 2. Try a new food. 3. Laugh until you cry. 4. Say “no” more often. 5. Grow a garden. 6. Find a cause you love, find out how to help. 7. Nurture your friendships. 8. Have a dance party in your living room. 9. Turn off the devices at dinnertime. 10 Pursue your passions. 11. Write a letter, send it. 12. Take more naps. 13. See the obstacles as learning opportunities. 14. Take a deep breath. 15.Of course, Get help getting organized.
These are all great resolutions that can improve the quality of our lives. But to improve our spiritual lives, we can resolve to declare God’s word over every situation, and over all aspects of our existence. Simply stating the facts or being realistic about the circumstances does not change our situation. To activate change on earth, we must tap into the spirit realm. God’s word is powerful, eternal, and constant. Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever; His word never changes. The promises that God gave us in His word are yes and amen. We just have to use the faith of Jesus to declare them so that they can be manifested in our lives. Satan works hard to convince us not to stand on God’s word. But he cannot tempt us with anything that we don’t already think. Therefore it is crucial for us not to entertain the idea that God doesn’t hear us or that His word is not effective and relevant for our lives today. When we believe in the power of God’s word, it will work for us. We may have to stand on it for a period of time before we see results, but it will be worth the consistent wait. So as we make resolutions to improve the quality of our natural lives, let us resolve to declare God’s word to realize benefits which are eternal.


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