Praying in the Spirit Using the Word of God

Entry 39 Using Prayer as a Time Saver

God already knows what we have need of, but He still wants us to pray to Him. Prayer can give us clear, timely direction in an emergency. It can prevent us from making wrong decisions. Prayer can help eliminate worry and anxiety, and produce a sense of peacefulness and calmness. It makes us more productive, while inviting God’s presence into our activities. Prayer gives us confidence by eliminating fear, and making our decisions more productive and enjoyable. And as we enjoy the things God has given us, prayer keeps us from neglecting the Gift Giver. Our discernment is sharpened through prayer, and we develop God’s point of view. Prayer brings us energy and prevents us from being easily distracted. It reminds us of our need to act, and also how frail and dependent on God we really are. We could save a lot of time and energy going to God in prayer first, instead of using it as a last resort. If we pray before we do things, we won’t need to pray as hard for God to get us out of so many other things later. We have to be selective of what we spend our time and attention on. Once time is wasted, we can never get it back. But time well spend always has lasting results. There is a time and a season for everything under the heavens. God doesn’t live in time; He abides in eternity. One day is as a thousand years to Him. God wants us to redeem the time because the last days are evil. Every problem is a prayer problem that God already had a solution for since the foundation of the world. Since our physical bodies live in time; past, present and future, we have to respect the gift of time. Our spirits and souls live in eternity, just as Jesus was, is, and is to come all at the same time. Since our time and energy is better spent on positive things, prayer can be the time-saver that keeps us on track.


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