Praying in the Spirit Using the Word of God

Entry 38 Every problem is a Prayer Problem

Faith involves praying and saying God’s word when faced with a problem. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing the word of God continually, so that we can get a solution. It involves taking God inspired actions. Problems have and always will be part of our human, earthly experience. Jesus had a specific method for solving problems. This can be seen in His methodology of solving the problem of feeding the over 5000 hungry people that came to hear Him. Patterning ourselves after Jesus will guarantee positive results. We first have to define the problem; is the issue insufficient time, inconvenient place, inadequate resources, or an impossible situation. Then we have to determine the possibilities. This involves deciding on the approach to the situation; is it a callous, calculating, or compassionate approach. Thirdly we need to discover the potential. The step involves developing a plan, organizing the people involved, consecrating the plan in prayer in faith without a double mind, administering the program, and evaluating the progress. The evaluation should answer these questions: were the people involved satisfied, and was God glorified. The more we give the more we will have to give. If we hunger and thirst after righteousness we shall be filled. If we seek for answers, we will find them. God doesn’t need us to do His work on the earth. He chooses to use us so we can benefit from the ministry of service to His people. For He knows the first shall be last and the last first, and if we want to be great, we have to be a servant of humanity. God rewards us with greater wealth when we help solve the bigger problems in our society. So instead of praying for financial breakthrough, we can ask God to provide us with an opportunity to solve a big problem in our community. Because when we ask for a tree, God gives us a seed. For ever problem there is a solution that God had in mind before the world began. So praying about issues is asking God to teach us how to be a problem solver on the earth.


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