Praying in the Spirit Using the Word of God

Entry 32 Praying to Be a Situational Believer

The bible is full of real stories about real people in real situations that a real God brought them out of. As we study the word of God, we can get confirmation from a bible teacher or preacher about the revelation God already placed into our spirit. What we believe about God and His word determines our destiny. What we believe about our future determines how we live today. Being steadfast in the things of God shows we believe in heaven. When we are saved from sin, we become believers. God has given to all believers a measure of faith. We only need mustard seed faith to move mountains in our lives as believers. But we can always seek to grow and exercise our faith muscles. It is possible to have the faith of God but doubt in our hearts. The problem is not that we didn’t have enough faith, it that we had too much unbelief. Unsaved, we had no faith. Being converted we can have little faith, saving faith. Coming out of trials we can develop great faith, relational faith. And going through tribulation we can have failing faith. What we should strive for as a believer is perfect faith, lordship faith. This faith is total dependence on God as Lord and Savior, and as the Author and Finisher of our faith. When faced with opposition, we can see it as an opportunity to believe God to show Himself strong in our lives. Satan is content to have us remain conceptual believers because the things of God are merely products of mental processing that we can decide rationally to embrace or not. He doesn’t want us to believe in God’s love for us so that we cannot experience God’s grace, mercy, joy, hope, freedom and victory. But when be become situational believers we see every problem as an opportunity to pray with the expectation that God will work things out. As situational believers, our situation becomes the location for spiritual qualification to the next elevation after receiving a deeper revelation. So praying to be a situational believer is praying to believe God’s word in its entirety, and asking God daily to help our unbelief.


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