Praying in the Spirit Using the Word of God

Entry 10 Resting in Prayer

Prayer is a form of spiritual rest. We should rest in His peace, His promises, and His word. Rest is an important part our carnal triangle of good health. To be healthy we need good rest, a good diet, and good exercise. This benefits us mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Jesus said that we can only enter the kingdom of God if we become as little children. This speaks to a child’s blind love and trust in a parent’s ability to take care of them without worry or reservation. It also deals with the issue of humility and frailness of the human condition, trusting God to make up where we lack. God causes us to lie down in green pastures, and leads us besides still waters. Jesus knows life can get hectic, stressful and uncertain. But instead of relying on our own limited strength, knowledge, ability and education, He wants us to rest in Him. He is all knowing and all powerful; all we have to do is connect to the endless source. God’s word will never return unto Him void, so all we have to do is trust in what He said regardless of how things appear. When our bodies are in a state of rest, it releases toxins, heals, and rejuvenates itself. When we rest in prayer, mediation and supplication to God, there is no limit to how God will show Himself strong in our lives.


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