Praying in the Spirit Using the Word of God

Entry 5 A Prayer Life

God wants us to pray without ceasing. He wants us to develop a lifestyle of prayer. Many religious people have various types of ritualistic prayers. The one good thing about this is cultivating the discipline to pray. But every day new mercies we see, so we need a fresh anointing for each new day. So then ritualistic prayers may not be as efficient for meeting the challenges of everyday life. They are however effective for things were need to petition God for on a regular basis. We can routinely pray for general strength, for guidance, protection, and favor. For specific needs and immediate concerns more than a ritualistic prayer is needed. God wants to hear from us honestly, stating exactly what is on our hearts and minds. He is not impressed by flowery words or philosophical dialogue. He wants us to trust Him with our vulnerable hearts that we have guarded from the world. Some prayers we need to repeat regularly, others we need to pray once and believe that God will bring it pass in His time. The prayers that we repeat show our persistence in our belief that God hears us and will do it. The prayers that we pray once demonstrates our faith of putting it in God’s hands, leaving it there, trusting He will bring it pass, and revisiting it with praise and thanksgiving until God brings it into fruition in our lives. Satan often interrupts the process of our answered prayers, but he cannot stop it. That is why it is important to pray continually, reminding him that we have not given up on God’s answer. We can pray anytime, anywhere, for anything, and in any language.


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