Praying in the Spirit Using the Word of God

Entry 17 Praying to Rebuke the Spirit of Rebellion

Rebellion is a conscious choice to do, think, behave or become the opposite of what you are expected or instructed to do. It is a form of pride and arrogance that says my way is the best and only way, and how I am expected to perform is an inferior plan. Rebellion starts in the mind, and if allowed to, it gets in the soul and the spirit. It reveals itself in disobedience and counterproductive activities. Rebellion is the spirit of the Anti Christ. It started with Lucifer in heaven who wanted to exalt himself above God. God wants His creation to glorify Him as He glorifies us. The Devil wanted to skip that process and glorify himself directly; consequently getting himself kicked out of heaven. In the Garden of Eden, man decided to rebel against God’s instruction and ate the forbidden fruit; which lead to them being kicked out of paradise. God’s plan for us is always for our good. Rebelling against His plan only leads to our destruction. Satan often speaks to our minds about how seemingly foolish and useless God’s directives to us are. We can pray to rebuke that spirit of rebellion, and command our bodies, souls, and spirits to be under subjection to God’s will. When we submit ourselves to God, He causes everything to work together for our good.


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