Praying in the Spirit Using the Word of God

Entry 16 The Prayer of Serenity

Satan desires to disturb our peace because he is the author of confusion. He knows that God can only work in our lives when we are at rest trusting in Him to bring us through. God makes us lie down in green pastures and leads us beside the still waters to restore our souls. God can give us the peace that passes all understanding, keeping us in a state of serenity even when turmoil is all around us. We can ask God to grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change. That comes from a realization that despite our skills, expertise, experience, will power, hard work, and moral compass, we are not in control; God is. We can be at peace with the fact that things are not going to always go our way, that people are not always going to love and support us, and that we are not going to be able to solve every problem. We cannot change people, their behavior, the past, or circumstances beyond our control. We can change our thinking about it, by choosing to be at peace no matter what. We can ask God to give us the courage to change the things we can change. These include a negative worldview, and unforgiving, grudge-holding heart, and a defeated and fatalistic mindset. We can choose to see ourselves, our lives, and our future as God see it; blessed and highly favored. God can give us the wisdom to know the difference between what we can change and what we cannot. Wisdom is applied knowledge. When we pray the prayer of serenity we are asking God to teach us to rest in His love, mercy, grace, favor and provision.


Praying in the Spirit Using the Word of God

Entry 15 Praying for Strength to Use our Offensive Weapons Against Satan

The Kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent takes it by force. Prayer is a spiritual weapon of warfare against the kingdom of darkness. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, and spiritual wickedness in high place. Our offensive weapons are the word of God, the name of Jesus, and the blood of Jesus. Sometimes we have to go to the enemy’s camp and take back what he has stolen from us. For Satan comes only to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus came that we may have life and have it more abundantly. The Devil wants to steal our joy, kill our faith, a destroy our hope. He tries to steals our joy by using people and circumstances to make us sad. He attempts to kill our faith in God by trying to convince us to not wait on God, and to rely on our own strength and abilities so that we cannot please Him. For he knows without faith it is impossible to please God. The Devil tries to destroy our hope by causing us to think negatively about our lives, our present situations, and our future to influence how to live. He knows that right thinking produces right living. The good thing is that we do not have to fight him in our own strength. All we have to do is stand, and having done all, stand in the liberty wherewith Christ have made us free. We can stand on the word of God, the name of Jesus, and on the blood of Jesus. God has elevated His word above His name. At the name of Jesus every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that he is the Lord. And without the shedding of Jesus’ blood there is no remission of sin. Satan is a defeated foe. Jesus’ death on the cross empowered Him to snatch the keys of death, hell and the grave from Satan. All we have to do is accept the authority God has given us, use it against the Devil, and walk in it daily. When we pray for divine strength, we can stand still and see the salvation of the Lord; He will wage war on the enemy. The battle is not ours, it is the Lord’s. He has already fought the battle for us and won.

Praying in the Spirit Using the Word of God

Entry 14 Praying to Avoid Bad Situations

When we live a life of purpose, on purpose, with a plan, and a vision we can expect certain outcomes in life. When we work hard, get a good education, take care of our bodies, and make good personal decisions we can expect our lives to have a positive outcome. But sometimes bad things happen to good people. Occasionally the person with the plan ends up in the same situation as the person who made no preparations for their future. Being a Christian, paying your tithes, living uprightly does not ensure that negative things won’t happen to you. God rains on the just as well as the unjust, and he that walks upright will suffer persecution. At times we cannot avoid bad situations because God allows them for His divine purpose. God may not always move our mountains, but give us the strength to climb them. This doesn’t give us the right to live a purposeless life, with no plan, drive or enthusiasm expecting the worst. It just means that we must understand that our plan may not be God’s plan for our lives. And that when we surrender ourselves to Him, we are giving Him the permission to be Lord over our lives and to allow His will to be done. So we don’t have to live in fear of bad things happening to us. Instead we can walk in the confidence that God is in control, that He has a good plan for our lives, and that He will put no more on us than we can bear. If it is God’s will, He will provide a way of escaping bad situations that will destroy us, or He will give us the grace and strength to go through the ones that will make us strong.

Praying in the Spirit Using the Word of God

Entry 13 Praying for Good Days

It has been said that our good days outweigh our bad days, therefore we should not complain. The reality often is the opposite; when we look back over a life of struggle, hurt, grief, disappointment, and regret, the bad days appear to outnumber the good days. This makes it difficult to not complain. Upon changing perspective, we can investigate what makes a day good. Everyday is a day the Lord has made, so we should rejoice and be glad in it, because everything God made is good. A good day is not only a day that we were productive, got whatever we wanted, and had pleasant experiences. A day is good when we put God first, didn’t allow the devil to cause us act unseemly, when we helped someone who could not return the favor, and when we glorified God in praise, worship and prayer. What really make a day good are not the tangible things that make us happy; because even the happy things are subject to making us sad. A good day is being intentional about rejoicing in God’s love, mercy, grace and favor, and choosing not to complain or be defeated. So praying for good days is asking God to teach us how to delight ourselves in Him as He gives us the desires of our hearts.

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The gospel artist community is often overlooked and undervalued. There are many gospel artists in my local tri-state area that are positively affecting the Kingdom of Heaven, by being a source of inspiration here on earth. Each week we will investigate and highlight a tri-state local gospel artist. The bible tells us to remember those that labor among us, for a workman is worthy of his hire. So please enjoy our weekly spotlights, and share them with a friend. Be Blessed!!!