Praying in the spirit using the word of God: Beginning to Prayer

Entry 1


Prayer is communication with God, acknowledging our frailness and God’s sovereignty.  Although God already know what we need, want and what we will ask for, he still wants us to pray and develop a relationship with Him. When praying we are not only talking to God we are listening for His response to us. He responds to us in different ways; a dream or vision, a still small voice, and inner knowing, through a person or event, through his Word, in a shout or thunder, or showing Himself strong right in the situation. His response could be yes, no, or wait. God doesn’t mind us asking Him questions. He’s always willing to answer. He minds us questioning His authority. He wants us to trust His will and plan for us, and trust that he always has our best interest at heart. He wants us to pray without ceasing; praying for ourselves, our family, friends, associates and enemies.  He wants us to seek and acknowledge Him in all of our ways, and for every area of our lives. He wants us to develop a lifestyle of prayer and supplication, and to encourage others to do the same. God hears all the prayers of his children, and answers them all. He hears the sinners’ prayer, asking Him to become His child.  



2 thoughts on “Praying in the spirit using the word of God: Beginning to Prayer

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